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My story begins with a loving grandmother and a passion for bringing joy to others. My grandmother, a remarkable baker and a caring mother, gained recognition for her signature recipes of cookies, cakes, and yeast rolls. Every event and visit with friends was adorned with the delightful presence of baked goodies from her.

As a young girl, she would guide me through the details of her recipes, sharing the little secrets she knew. Years later, when choosing my college degree, my mother encouraged me to turn our family recipes into a profession. Inspired by this, I decided to carry forward her knowledge and pursued a degree in Baking and Pastry Arts, made possible by the unwavering love and support of my own parents. Though my grandmother has passed away, her memory lives on in my heart and through the pastries I create.

My mission is to spread the same happiness that my grandmother was known for, sharing joy and fulfillment with my family, friends, and patrons.

My deepest thanks to everyone who has helped me believe in and pursue this dream.

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